If you plan to come and visit the delightful village of Cerreto Guidi, the weekend of 22 and 23 of June 2019 presets a unique opportunity to do so. In addition to the artistic and architectural beauties of the Medici Villa and of the town, you will also be able to enjoy the extraordinary spectacle of the Infiorata del Corpus Domini. The Medici village, gathered around the Villa, will open its petals, like a blossoming flower, and will leave you speechless.

The floral display has ancient origins and consists of the creation of floral paintings that form the carpet for the religious procession of Corpus Domini. The entire historic center of Cerreto Guidi, a natural ring of about 450 meters, becomes the ideal setting to admire the fragrant paintings, also visible from the magnificent Medici stairways.

Saturday is a time of great excitement, to which you can attend and even participate. It is an evening of tradition and culture for adults and children. “Artisti per una notte” will be on stage, an event designed to show the public the craft of the flower artists and to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the creation of the flower compositions, thus learning the secrets of this ancient art.

Every year a themed competition is held, and this year it revolves around Leonardo da Vinci, marking the five hundredth anniversary of his death.

The Infiorata del Corpus Domini, organized by the Parish of San Leonardo, in collaboration with the Municipality of Cerreto Guidi and numerous local associations, will begin Saturday, June 22, at 18.00, when “artists for one night” will receive everything needed to get to work in order to compose the paintings assigned to them. This work of mastery, patience and precision will go on until late at night.

At 10.15, on the morning of Corpus Domini, the Holy Mass will take place in the Parish Church of San Leonardo, which stands next to the Medici Villa; it will be followed by the Procession along the streets of the center. You can then vote for the flower paintings that impressed you the most. At 18.30 there will be the awarding of the most voted flower pictures of the Infiorata and the winners of the competition “Windows and Balconies and Flowered alleys”.

Medici Villa opening time will be on Saturday from 9,00 am to 6,00 pm and on sunday from 10,00 am to 7,00 pm.