Rubino1Has come back to Cerreto Guidi the appointment with “Rubino Mediceo”, the Selection of Wines, promoted by the Tourist Association Pro Loco and by the Municipality of Cerreto Guidi.

The purpose of the competition is twofold: on the one hand, to highlight the best Tuscan winemaking in order to use it in promotional, economical actions and of image; on the other hand to reward and stimulate the efforts of wineries, aimed at continuous improvement in quality production and in the enhancement of territory.

Wines participating in the Selection are divided into five categories:

  1. White wines ENOL, AOC and TGI;
  2. Red wines Chianti ENOL;
  3. Rosé wines TGI, AOC and ENOL;
  4. Red wines AOC and ENOL and TGI;
  5. Dessert wines ENOL, AOC and TGI

Wineries which intend to participate in the selection must register sending their membership application on 7th Saturday 2018 at  the latest.


Then a Technical Commission, selected and chaired by the Sommelier Marco Monti and by five Popular Commissions (one for each category of competition), each composed by five people, will carry out the evaluation of the winners. The Technical Commission, which will carry out the taste on Tuesday 10th July 2018, has the task of evaluating all wines participating in the competition: it is made up of oenologists, wine-making experts and sommeliers, and possibly of other experts in the field.

The proclamation of the winning wines of the Selection will take place on Friday 13th July 2018, on the occasion of the culinary event called “Rubini in Villa” (“Rubies at Villa”) where each dish will be accompanied by these wines, described by the sommelier Marco Monti.



Rubini in villa – invito e menu


Info and Reservation: 0571.55671