Description of the Farm

The Perticato farm appears above the hills of Cerreto Guidi at just 30 km from Florence.

The production area covers more than 50 hectares divided among vineyards and olive groves, located at an altitude of 120 and 180 metres a.s.l.

Innovation and tradition are the philosophy of our company in order to guarantee good quality products: modern production facilities are well integrated into a typically Tuscan environment.

Since its foundation in 1951, the company has been producing wines exclusively from its vineyards, which are for the most part local by the owners the Grifoni family, whose wine-growing activity has been handed down for three generations.

Harvested grapes are processed in a modern complex, in stainless steel tanks where are carried out accurate fermentations at a controlled temperature and wine storage. A long underground hall surrounding the cellar has been used for aging wine in woods.

Continuous quality research finds its perfect completion in the necessary and continuous checks not only in tasting, but relying on the results of a laboratory of analysis to monitor periodically the evolutionary state of wine. Thus originate uncommon and well-structured wines.

“Perticato”, along with eight other companies, is part of the Associazione Viticoltori Cerreto (Cerreto Winemaker Association), which was created to enhance both the territory of Cerreto Guidi in the wine field and a wine based on Sangiovese called “Cerreto Top Wine”, a Supertuscan that joins to the great range of red wines in Tuscany.

For the production of this wine has been made a strict procedural guideline; the main points include:

– Selection of the best black grapes left in the vineyard after a green pruning during the pickling period which reduced the quantity per strain below 2.5 Kg (therefore a maximum of 75 quintals per hectare)

– The mixture must be either 100% Sangiovese or 90% Sangiovese and 10% Canaiolo and / or Colorino (all local wine varietals)

– Ageing of wine for 9 months minimum in French durmast barriques (barrels) or tonneaux and subsequent ageing at least three months in bottles lying

minimum volumetric alcohol content 12,5%

– Overcoming of analytical chemical and organoleptic analysis carried out by the chemical laboratory of the Florence Chamber of Commerce

Via di Perticato, 1

50050 San Zio – Cerreto Guidi (FI)


Fax: 0571/509437